Release Date: August 14, 2020

Keep Moving, Keep Doing, Keep Living -  that’s what life’s all about.  But how do you do that? This book, On With the Butter! Spread More Living onto Everyday Life only shares stories of active living and also provides a practical how-to guide for readers to follow to add vitality to their own lives. Many items offered are things that can be done in safe socially-distant ways and still provide mental and physical benefits. It’s like an activity book for an active lifestyle!

On With the Butter! was inspired by a book I worked on with my mom called “Never Too Late,” which chronicled her year of 93 new experiences. People love her story, but I felt like that book stopped short of showing readers a way to embrace that lifestyle for themselves. This book takes it to that level. The book's tagline Keep Moving, Keep Doing, Keep Living is what it's all about - helping people discover how they can create a life of ordinary adventures for themselves.

Áfram með smjörið is an old Icelandic proverb that means to keep moving, keep going or get the job done. That applies so well to life and is a fun mantra to stay connected. 

So let's all get going - On With The Butter!

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