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Her Viking Heart​

When her father is suddenly killed a year after her mother’s death, Anna Miller is truly alone. With no other family and a dismal dating history, loneliness and depression threaten to overwhelm her. As she struggles to cope, she comes across a family secret that changes everything. She finds new purpose after discovering her father's hidden research and is determined to complete what he had started. Anna begins a journey to unravel the family mystery buried in four generations of deceit. As she follows the clues, she finds a new love love and a sense of belonging, but is it real? The answer she searches for may reveal her true heritage but threaten her own chance at happiness and a new life.

* 2018 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Gold Winner - Romance Category
* 2018-2019 Reader Views Literary Finalist - Romance Category
* 2018 American Fiction Award Finalist - Chick Lit/Women's Lit Category

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The Guardians of Iceland
and other Icelandic Folk Tales

This collection of Icelandic fairy tales and legends comes from the days of the Vikings. These stories of trolls, magic, Hidden People, and creatures from the sea were passed down from generation to generation, told on cold winter nights in front of the fire before being written down a hundred years ago. The stories are brought together here and updated, so now you can read about trolls that wandered throughout Iceland, the race of Hidden People with strong magic powers and the four powerful beings that protect Iceland from all invaders. The mermaids and mermen, giants, shape-shifting seals, and dragons in disguise are here for you to discover.

2018 Book Excellence Award

Homestyle Icelandic Cooking
for American Kitchens

Whether you're looking to connect with your roots, try something new or already love Icelandic cooking, this book is a must for your cookbook shelf. This is a collection of 25 traditional everyday Icelandic recipes, translated with step-by-step instructions. These are some of the simple classic favorites that truly reflect the home-style Icelandic flavors and heritage. 

2017 Gourmand World Cookbook Award Winner
2016 Pinnacle Achievement Award Winner


Yule Lads Legend: Iceland's Jólasveinar


A modernized version of the Icelandic Yule Lads, based on the centuries-old folklore tale.


After accidentally being seen by a human, Stekkjastaur finds he must rely on a young shepherd boy to keep his secret. He gives a gift to protect his troll reputation, but the little boy's happiness made him happy as well. He learns that one of the greatest gifts you can receive is the joy in giving to someone else. One by one, the Yule Lads each take a break from his own mischief, and each one learns the happiness gained from gift-giving. Even from a source as unlikely as a troll, a selfish act wrapped up in the Christmas spirit can grow into something wonderful


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Icelandic Yule Lads Mayhem at the North Pole

​Follow the misadventures and mayhem of the Icelandic Yule Lads as the search for the source of the amazing holiday smells of goodies cooking. Along the way, they must use their troll magic to defeat the Monster Worm, the legendary ogre Gryla. They cause havoc as they travel through Scandinavia on their search with their puffin, whale and polar bear friends. Their mischief causes trouble at the Reindeer Training Camp and leads to mayhem at the North Pole! When Santa gets involved they find themselves in big trouble.

Yule Lads Activity Book

This 43-page coloring book features all 13 of the Icelandic Yule Lads plus the Guardians of Iceland.


Includes puzzles, games, activities, and four short stories. Bonus stories are based on Icelandic mythology and legendary characters passed down from the days of the Vikings.


Stories include The Guardians of Iceland, Gryla's Magic Spindle, The Monster Worm's Afternoon, and The Sunstone. The Sunstone introduces Tassi, the resident mouse who lives on the Viking Agnarr's longboat and accompanies him on his adventures.