​On With the Butter!


Keep Moving, Keep Doing, Keep Living -  that’s what life’s all about.  But how do you do that? This book, 

On With the Butter! Spread More Living onto Everyday Life only shares stories of active living and also provides a practical how-to guide for readers to follow to add vitality to their own lives. Many items offered are things that can be done in safe socially-distant ways and still provide mental and physical benefits.

It’s like an activity book for an active lifestyle!

A sunny self-help guide that aims to reveal the secret to an active and exuberant lifestyle." - Kirkus Review


"On with the Butter is a delight to read. There are so many good suggestions for anyone considering retirement or already retired.. This is not a book like so very many that only consider money and financial matters. Just the opposite. A good retirement is about so much more and this book addresses that.” – Del Lowery, RetirementTalk.org

"On With the Butter is a wonderful and inspiring book! Through Heidi's Herman's vibrant and engaging, and often humorous stories, intertwined with unique ideas and helpful information, she encourages curiosity, connection, and a call to action. This is an excellent book for those who are looking for an exciting next chapter, or even just a little more flavor, to their life!” - Laura Haw, Adjunct Instructor in Aging Studies, University of Indianapolis

 “An inspiring book for us ‘retired’ people. Everyone who is about to retire or is retired should read this book. You won’t regret it.” – Vic Broquard, Author & Retired Professor

 “The adventures of many daring challengers, including the author's mother and herself, are expertly documented in this book. Herman's inspiring work offers a fresh perspective on living well at any age.” - US Review of Books

​​Áfram með smjörið is an Icelandic expression that means to keep moving, keep going, or get the job done. That applies so well to life and it's a fun mantra to stay connected. So let's all get going - On With The Butter!

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On With the Butter! was inspired in part by a book I worked on with my mom called “Never Too Late,” which chronicled her year of 93 new experiences.