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Heidi Herman - Live the Adventure of the Fairy Tale

About Heidi

The Legend of the Icelandic Yule Lads  was Heidi's writing debut. What began as a centuries-old oral legend recounted in her Mother's memoirs, "Growing Up Viking: Fond Memories of Iceland" blossomed into a modern children's book. .    


Her mother, Ieda, published her memoirs in the winter of 2012, which inspired Heidi to delve into the Icelandic folklore, reviving her childhood love of legend, fairy tales and imaginative stories.  The troll-like characters sparked the imagination of many and led to Heidi writing her first book, Legend of the Icelandic Yule Lads.   This was followed up with a collection of folk tales from Iceland, retelling old stories of legendary creatures and classic fairy tales. 

She and her mother, Ieda, work together regularly on new stories and bringing the magic of Iceland to anyone whose ear they can bend.   Together, they co-authored a cookbook of Icelandic recipes, released in September 2016. After Ieda's stroke in late 2016, Heidi and her Mother are focused on encouraging  vitality in life at every age. They regularly travel and appear together for stroke awareness, as well as inspirational and motivational speaking on happiness and living life to the fullest.

Heidi Herman is a native to Illinois with a proud Scandinavian heritage and close ties to Iceland.  Her mother is a native of Iceland, who met and married a US serviceman who was stationed in Reykjavik during WWII.  Heidi grew up with stories of brave fishermen, mischievous trolls and adventurous Vikings. She once insisted to her elementary teacher that Leif Ericsson, not Christopher Columbus discovered America and that the history books were wrong.  Heidi current lives in Illinois with her two Schnoodles, Dusty and Thor.